QR Menu for Restaurants
Make your restaurant a safe place with QR Code menus.
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QR Menu - Contactless Menu
QR Menu for Restaurants - Calio Menu
Make your restaurant a completely safe place for customers
In minutes convert traditional menus to QR code digital. Contactless Menu is an easy, safe, and secure way for customers to view menus from their own mobile device.
Contactless Menu converts your menu into a QR code to scan with a phone’s camera, click the link, and menu pops up.
Why use Calio Contactless Menu?


Eco-friendly, touchless QR Code menus reduce the risk of virus transmission, and keep your customers and employees safe.


QR Code Menus are easy to create and maintain. If your menu changes, just upload & save a new menu to the same QR Code. Your menus are instantaneously available after upload.

No app Download

Your customers do not need to download any Apps. They just scan QR Code with their phone’s camera and browse your menu. And you do not have to sign long term contracts.

No Contracts

You don't have to sign a long-term contract. You can unsubscribe from the application at any time.
What our customers have to say
Thanks to the Contactless Menu, customers of my restaurant feel safer. They don't have to use classic, paper menus. We, on the other hand, saved a lot of money by not having to print the menu
Michael photo


My Burger Restaurant Owner
A great tool! We can change the offer very quickly, thanks to the possibility of changing the menu in the Contactless Menu. Additionally, using the application is very easy.
Luke photo


Pinola Restaurant Owner
See how our customers
use Calio Contactless Menu
QR Menu - Sample
QR Menu - Sample v2
QR Menu - Sample v3
No app needed
Your customers don’t need a special app to use your QR Menu. All they have to do is scan the QR code with your camera (or any application), then they will get access to your restaurant’s menu.

Choose your menu

Choose and send your menu in PDF or graphic format

Get your QR menu

You will receive a ready-made QR menu. The app updates the menu in real time, so you can change it at any time

Place your QR code in your locations

Print your QR menu and place it in your restaurant
QR Menu for Restaurants - Double
Why is Calio Contactless Menu the perfect tool for your restaurant?

Quick setup

All you need to do is add a restaurant menu in PDF, JPG, JPEG format and after a while you will receive a dedicated QR code that will direct you to your menu

Cost saving

You don't have to print and disinfect menu cards every day. Your employees can take care of other tasks

Free to try

You can freely test the full version of Calio Contactless Menu for 30 days for free.

Great sales opportunities

Your menu will always be up to date, regardless of the time of day and day of the week

Simple and easy

Simplicity is our main focus. That’s why neither you nor your customers need to install an application. Just set up your menu and you are ready to go

Professional image

Show your clients that you care about their safety first and foremost
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Calio Contactless Menu
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No card required
No app needed
No long term contract
Easy to use
Unlimited menus

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