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Calio: Smart Calendar

Increase productivity in
Private Jets scheduling

Calio Jet

Studies have estimated that

improved recovery process in airline industry could result in cost reductions of at least 20% of its irregular operations.

Both commercial and private airlines suffer from a number of interruptions. They experience anything from very large interruptions such as eruption of the Iceland Eyjafjallajo volcano in 2010, or more frequently, small disruptions resulting from weather related factors, regulatory requirements, technical problems, aircraft malfunctions and staff and passenger related issues.

Calio’s technology focuses on four primary areas:

Predictive models utilizing optimization and Artificial intelligence for forecasting aircraft delays and cancellations

Those models incorporate variety of factors ranging from weather related, seasonal patterns, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance periods, flight restrictions all the way to the aircraft details.

Crew allocation and Artificial Intelligence driven scheduling

Calio’s unique approach learns crew preferences and historical patterns to optimizes resource allocation and availability.

Passenger add complexity to manage aircraft allocation and scheduling with re-bookings, cancellations and flyovers

Calio’s ability to re-optimize in real time allows better and proactive response to the unanticipated events.

Management of Fractional aircraft ownership

Fractional ownership have revolutionized corporate aviation by allowing passengers the comfort and convenience of a full-time flight department for a fraction of the cost. Calio’s real time systems along help owners manage short call-out windows, sometimes as little as hours before departure to satisfy their demands. Also, to facilitate changing demand, aircraft switching to either larger or smaller one might be required.

Apart from core optimization and machine learning algorithms

Calio is an integration power house.


We have completed integrations with number of external vendors including: