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Thanks to the latest technology

We increase the number of clients for personal trainers

We care about positive customer experience

We build relationships with clients and care for their positive experiences leading to increased sales of personal trainings. We combine digital marketing with our proprietary Calio application. We create a website based on your personal brand, we use tools like Facebook Ads, Google Ads and we facilitate contact, booking and purchase of personal trainings.

Make personal trainings, Calio will take care of the rest

Calio streamlines the process of booking personal trainings. You do not have to stop training to pick up the phone from the client. The application will show your free dates and automatically enter the booking into your calendar (Google, iCalendar, MS Office). In addition, it will send a notification about the upcoming meeting.

Automatic payments

We make it easier for customers to settle for purchased services by making automatic payments. From now, customers will be able to pay for completed online personal training.

We are in constant contact with your clients

We strive for a situation where clients most often choose the services of your company and at the same time will stay with you for longer. We are in constant contact with them, using marketing automation.

Test Calio 30 days for free and see how it facilitates the work of personal trainers