Order Manager for Restaurants
Calio Order Manager Platform brings more orders to your restaurant and improves customer experience
What our customers have to say
Since we have started using Calio, the number of table reservations in our restaurant has increased significantly. In addition, employees can focus on the quality of customer service in the restaurant, without having to make phone calls regarding available booking dates.
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Parlament Bistro Owner
By booking online, Calio has helped us reduce the number of open tables during the day. We can freely manage our tables and we can know exactly how many customers we will have at any given point.
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Bistro XXviii Owner
Why use Calio Online Ordering Platform?

Multi Channel Orders

With Calio Order Manager, orders will seamlessly flow to your restaurants from multiple channels including your in-store Point of Sale, your own web site, social media, phone orders. Calio also allows your customers to use good old SMS messages to place and track food orders, all without need to install any apps.

Pickup & Delivery

You can separately define your preferred hours for pickup and/or delivery. Calio App also gives us option to customize your menu with pictures and extras. In addition, you can configure if items on the order are separated between kitchen and bar. And after order is completed you can notify your customer with SMS that order is ready.

Online payments

At Calio we want you to save money and give you opportunity to shop around for the best and cheapest Credit Card provider. You can either find your own provider or work with us to help you find best partner to reduce costs. We have number of partners that specialize with financial solutions just for restaurants.
Take your restaurant into the digital age
The benefits of the Calio Order Manager for your restaurant:
  • Streamline your operations and organize order flow
  • Give your customer flexible options
  • Get recurring orders
  • Increase your sales

Accept orders
from any channel

Calio app works on any device and also has functionality to help with orders over the phone. Regardless of order source they show in your restaurant tablets or kitchen or bar printers.

Start receiving orders today

Calio is easy and your customers can place and order in under a minute.
Create and manage your menu, extras and images from your Calio desktop. Our online restaurant ordering software allows you receive, process, track orders and notify customers about status changes all real time with no delays.
Simple configuration
The application has been designed so that you can use it in the easiest way possible. You are three easy steps away from using the Calio Order Manager:

Step one

Create an account in Calio.

Step two

Configure your business hours with option to separately configure times for pickup and delivery and your menu including categories, menu items and extras.

Step three

Add our order app to your web site, social media or send it to your customer phone via SMS.
Features that you will love

Custom menu categories & items

Flexibility to create and manage your food menu including multi level menu categories, menu items and food extras and images.

Personalized 2-way SMS Messaging

Customers can place and track order just with SMS with no need to install any apps.

Automatic email or SMS notifications

Calio allows you to send automatic notifications to employees and customers via SMS or email.

Integration with Guest Manager

Calio allows your customers to pre-order and pre-pay with seamless integration with Guest Manager.

Real-time updates

In the Calio application, you will see metrics and reports on the number of orders placed, pending and ready all in real time

Free in-store ordering

Calio app gives you option to place orders in store or over the phone with no extra cost.
/ month

Calio App with Unlimited Users and Devices
Order Management
2-way SMS Messaging
Automatic Notifications
Customizable Menu Categories & Items
Dashboard on the Web or Desktop App
Customizable Roles and Permissions

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