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How to plan meetings for your team in Calio?

In one of the articles we discussed the possibility of creating an account for the team and its configuration. This option allows you to manage meetings and the implementation of co-workers’ services.

In this article, we’ll show you how to use Calio’s potential to plan meetings of team members in a practical way. We assume that you followed the “Team Options” instructions and correctly created a company account and added your colleagues and assigned them the appropriate roles.

Availability of the team

To determine the availability of the team, go to the “My availability” tab on the left side of the navigation menu. On the available calendar, specify your and your co-workers’ availability.

If your colleagues provide services or meet and their nature of work does not interfere with other people, you can set the availability at the same times.

Booking link

As a team, you can use one – company – booking link, which will be your showcase for arranging meetings. As an administrator, you can configure it freely (for example, by specifying the name of the company you represent). To do this, go to the “Online booking” tab on the left side of the navigation menu and select the “reservation ID” section.

At this point you can define the reservation URL, which after sending to the client will enable him to sign up for the meeting.

Clients after providing the basic data necessary to sign up for the meeting will have the option of selecting the employee they want to meet with and will have a preview of its availability.

Planning meetings

Each of the team’s administrators in Calio gets the function of planning meetings for themselves and their colleagues. This option is available in the “Calendar” tab.

Schedule a meeting and it will appear in the calendar of your colleague (both in Calio and the target, integrated with the system – e.g. Google Calendar).

Additionally, if you want to be sure about the timely implementation of a meeting or service, you can set up automatically sent reminders for your colleagues. Go to “Notifications” in the “Settings” tab and specify the manner and time when your staff will receive an e-mail or text message before the meeting.

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