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How to make Website conversions grow with Calio?

Calio allows you to increase the conversion on your website with a widget or a unique link to make appointments. Customers can make an appointment or reserve a service without exchanging additional e-mails or telephone calls. Such actions have a direct impact on making a purchasing decision when you are on the website, when the need for a product or service is high.

If you have not yet installed the widget on your website, you can do it according to our instructions:

Calio JavaScript & WordPress Plugin for Booking from www

According to the Customer Journey model, or customer’s relationship with your brand, the “Moment of truth” stage is in the final stage. This is nothing but a client’s decision to continue to interact with the company or resign.

Being a business owner, you aim for as many transactions as possible. Obviously, this is equivalent to higher revenues, which is the basic goal of doing business.

In the final stage of interaction the most bounces occur – the customer resigns from buying a product or service. In many cases this is due to the lack of additional information, difficult contact or a decrease in the purchase need resulting from the need to send additional e-mails, make phone calls, etc.

Calio solves this problem. Thanks to the widget, which allows you to make an appointment or reserve a service directly on the website without having to call or send e-mails. The customer, thanks to a few clicks, can make an appointment with you in a convenient time and form for yourself (Skype, telephone or physically – at the company’s or restaurant’s headquarters).

Calio supports the process of purchasing decisions of customers of your website through a simplified way of contacting and booking services.

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