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How to make Calio work for many employees?

Calio pozwala zarządzać kontem firmowym, z którego mogą korzystać Twoi współpracownicy, tworząc zespół i zarządzając wspólnym kalendarzem.

Calio allows you to manage a company account that your colleagues can use to create a team and manage a shared calendar.

This action allows you to plan meetings and services for the team in which you work. Avoid double meetings, breaks at work, misunderstandings resulting from lack of information on accessibility.

In order to define an account for the team, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Go to the “Settings” tab in the upper right corner of the navigation menu.

Step 2:

Select “Upgrade to business account” in the “Account settings” panel. Then follow the guidelines and create a company account.

Step 3:

After creating your business account, additional options will appear in the “Account settings” panel. Go to the team section – here you can add your colleagues and assign them a role in managing your Calio account.

From that moment, each of the invited employees will have access to the shared Calio account – as the account administrator, you can manage the meetings and availability of your employees, having a preview of scheduled and completed meetings / services.

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