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How Calio can be used in: beauty salon, barber shop, or at the doctors or physiotherapist?

Calio helps streamline the process of booking services, increasing the number of clients and optimizing work time in:

  • Beauty salon,
  • Hairdressing salon,
  • Doctor’s office,
  • Personal training studio.

You can use the options available in several ways and adapt to your daily duties. In the following article we will show you how you can gain new clients, improve your work and work of your charges and shorten the booking in your office / living room.

Improving the process of booking services

Your clients can book visits / services using a personalized link or widget on your website. Calio will arrange a meeting automatically in the available time, without having to make phone calls or send emails.

You do not have to interrupt your duties, which can irritate your clients. Customers paying for an hour of personal training, want you to be focused and concentrated throughout the training, without taking calls from other clients, to arrange a meeting.

Calio will additionally send a notification about the upcoming date to your calendar. The whole process comes down to choosing an available date and booking a contact method – it all comes down to a few clicks, all in less than 2 minutes.

Freedom to define services

Calio allows you to freely define the services offered. You can specify all the most important aspects related to your business:

  • Price (for the whole service or hourly rate),
  • Implementation method,
  • Duration,
  • Persons responsible for providing the service.

Booking widget on the website

In addition, thanks to the reservation widget, customers will be able to make an appointment or reserve a service directly on your website. Preview of available employees, free dates and duration of services make it easier for customers to make decisions, eliminating the risk of resignation from the purchase.

Team meeting management

With Calio, you can manage the availability and timing of the entire team you manage. Each of your employees will get access to the system and preview for scheduled meetings with clients and colleagues.

You can plan team meetings and set guidelines in one place or you can use the functionality to manage accessibility, work time and scope of your employees’ services. This solution allows you to manage your work time more effectively and maximize the number of services provided during the week.

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