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We successfully acquire customers, you can take care of what is really important

Work-life balance

Work-life balance

Thanks to Calio it is possible to run two calendars - private and professional. You can also give different permissions to different people to sign in the dates you choose.

Making meetings for the whole team

Making meetings for the whole team

Calio allows you to manage multiple calendar simultaneously, for each team member in one system. It also gives you the opportunity to set different availability dates.

Work in many teams

Work in many teams

For people who work in more than one team Calio allows you to prepare various links through which selected people can subscribe to predefined dates.

Customer success

We build relationships with clients based on knowledge of their needs, goals and activities, and we care about positive experiences leading to increased sales of your services. We combine digital marketing with our proprietary Calio application. We create websites based on our personal brand, we use tools such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads and we facilitate contacting, booking meetings and purchasing products and services offered.

We are in constant contact with your clients

We focus not only on customer satisfaction, but also on extending their life cycle (Live Time Value) and lowering the rate of resignation. We strive for a situation where clients most often choose the services of your company and at the same time will stay with you for longer. We are in constant contact with them, using marketing automation.

Calio - technological support in your everyday work

Thanks to Calio, you will create an individual, personalized link that will allow you to automatically book a meeting. Calio allows you to service several calendars in parallel, with different dates of availability, preferred meeting times and any way of contact. In addition, you can sell your services and charge for them - both before the visit and regular monthly fees, manage the invoice system and run promotional campaigns via SMS or e-mail.

Manage availability and work schedule

Calio allows you to set your availability and suggest preferred meeting times, so you can plan your work better. In addition, you have full freedom to contact customers, in addition to visiting the office, you can make an appointment via Skype or Google Hangouts.

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