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Free meeting scheduling software

In the article, I try to answer the question: what are the most important functionalities to pay attention to when choosing a free software for arranging Calio meetings.

Dedicated link for arranging meetings

It allows you to send it by email, or add it on the website in the form of a button on the website. You can create a unique link or customize the widget to your expectations – all you need to do is go to the “Online booking” section (navigation menu on the left). Then to the tab “Booking ID” / “Booking Widget”.

Making an appointment takes less than 2 minutes – during this time the client can book a free date and a way of contact.

Editing meeting types

If you have a business, you can offer your clients tailored to the types of services provided – those defined by you (meeting place, duration, service cost, way of contact – Skype / Google Hangouts).

Multi languages

Thanks to the fact that the meeting scheduling software supports several language versions, each of your employees will be able to use it freely, using all functionalities. Calio has been designed in such a way that you can intuitively and at the first contact with the software used the full potential to develop business and support the work of your team.

The option of using the software by the team

If you work in a team in your company, you may need to allow customers to sign up for a meeting to different people. To do this, add people to the team (“Setup ->” Team”), define their role – employee or administrator, then you can set each one of them to be available for customers – in this way you plan work and meetings for the whole team.

Take advantage of Calio’s potential

Calio is a free appointment tool that will help you and your team improve your work. Organizing and executing meetings with clients has never been so easy and fast. Define the availability, the way of contact and let customers book a free date in less than 2 minutes.

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