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Let customers order products and services from your own Social Distance approved Contactless Ordering App.


Customers can place an order from anywhere – from home, on the way, in front of or directly at a restaurant. You give customers a better experience while maintaining their personal space. Customers can seamlessly place an order without direct contact with an employee of Your company.

Install From Clover App Market
We provide three menu access options and placing the order:

Scanning the QR code

Send text message

By phone with a live view of the order

Contactless Ordering App makes it extremely easy for you to accept orders from your own device with just one tap of the screen.


It is meant for both customers and owners to benefit from using this app. We’re about providing guest-driven experiences. They can view, order and self-pay on their own device in seconds.


The application has been designed so that you can use it in the easiest way possible. You are three easy steps away from using Contactless Ordering.

Benefits for customers:
  • Freedom to order products and services
  • Gives customers better experience while maintaining their personal space
  • Makes comfortable making orders in your business
  • QR code scanning is simple and easy
  • Do not need to install any apps
  • Makes customer’s experience of ordering over the phone simpler, easier, and more reliable
  • They will get notifications about ready orders
Benefits for owners:
  • Easy to configure and run
  • Available on any device
  • Real-time updates
  • 30 day free trial
  • Custom categories & items
  • Easy to accept orders from your own device
  • Automatic email or SMS notifications
  • Real-time view of transactions