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Calio functionalities that you will not find anywhere else

Calio is the only available software that enables:

Making appointments in any language

Calio was created for every user, that’s why we offer appointments in several language versions, so that you can use our software freely.

Payment in advance (available soon)

Calio is the only one that will give you the opportunity to make a payment before making an appointment. It definitely facilitates the work: consultants, doctors, personal trainers and all professionals who do not have to settle for cash at the meeting. It also increases the security related to booking the date. When the customer does not come, the user has financial security. You do not have to worry about revenue from meetings and clients will consider canceling the service several times.

Integration of several accounts

Being an entrepreneur is not about running one calendar, it is based on sharing your time between different teams and between private and professional life. Depending on the adopted week plan, Calio allows you to run several accounts for different calendars. Assign different availability dates for each account.

For example, customers can schedule a meeting with you by 4pm. For meetings with the team, you book Mondays, and only your wife, friends or strategic clients can sign in on your weekends.

Postpone appointments (available soon)

The person who signed up for the meeting is sent an SMS or e-mail with a reminder of the meeting. Only in Calio will it be possible to cancel the meeting and suggest the next date without the participation of the calendar user.

Calio – unique functionalists supporting your work

Thanks to Calio, you can adjust the calendar to your needs, at the same time save time on arranging meetings. In addition, from now on you do not have to worry about canceled services and no revenue from this resulting, customers will pay for the booked service, regardless of whether they appear at the meeting or not.

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