Best Food Delivered
to you

Discover great eats in your town.

With your favorite caterers, your order will be delivered at your workplace or home. Calio Marketplace will satisfy your cravings and saves your time and energy allowing you to do other things that matter to you the most.

Calio Marketplace will bring you more orders to grow your business and at the same time, we will build your profile and boost your social media presence. Food ordering app made simple and personalized to brand – commission free for the first 6 months.

Features That You Will Love

Custom table & reservation types

Custom and wide variety of menus to choose from.

Personalized 2-way SMS Messaging

Customers and partners will receive SMS notification to confirm order and payments.

Automatic email or SMS notifications

Customers and partners will also receive email notification to confirm order and payments.
For Partners

Integration with calendar

Calio app integrates with the most popular platforms like Google, iCloud and Microsoft Outlook.

Real-time revenue

In the Calio application, you will see metrics and reports on the number of reservations and orders placed.

Free website booking

Your booking page will reflect your own restaurant customizations.